Don’t discard those charming vintage ‘have-beens’. Upscale them to make for a unique décor idea.

Antiques of the future


Who says your work space at home needs to be drab and serious. Fit this super cute desk in a corner where it can double up as a telephone table, your stationary holder and a space for you to balance those cheque books!

Antiques of the future


Accent a vintage cast iron table with anantique iron with a bright colour thrown into make anaesthetic statement.You can colour the table in a bold shade and add colourful glass bottle to make a fabulous bar.

Antiques of the future


Create a charming tea corner with a functional fan. The corner can also serve as a children’s homework nook. Brighten up the space using colourful rugs and cushions.

Antiques of the future


To make a fun yet nostalgic corner, a vintagetri cycle makes for a quirky base for knick-knacks. It can also hold your chai glasses and can be passed around the table.

For some fantastic buys and inspired ideas, scan the local second-hand furniture markets in your city!
Antiques of the future


A must-have for any music lover, pair this with an old-world crochetrug. Throwing comfy floor cushions and a small book and music case to make it your me- time companion. What’s more, place faux flower bouquet inside the horn to brighten up the space.

Antiques of the future


Set this on a pretty fabric teamed with large thread spools. And it will make a functional statement. Store all your needs in the chest of drawer and keep some old-school sewing guide books at hand.

Antiques of the future


A storage cum display niche for all kinds of travel-related accessories, a chest is a pirate’s pride. Go ahead, set it on a shaggy rug and gather your friends to narrate your adventures.

Antiques of the future


When grouped together on a tray, these ancient pourers add a fun element for the dining room console. What’s more, they are dead useful too.

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